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Private Chef Services

Our chefs will come to your home and prepare your meal after discussing your budget, number of people, and food preferences. We use mainly local ingredients so that you can experience the changing of the seasons.

Lunch and dinner only
We can accommodate from 2 to as 20 small clients.
5 days advance reservation required.

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Our on-site catering service involves bringing prepared ingredients and utilizing the kitchen in your home or facility to provide you with meals. Here are the specific details regarding the tableware and cooking utensils you'll need to provide:

*Sufficient tableware and cutlery for your guests

*Cutting board and knives

*Pots, pans, bowls, and strainers that are at least 20 cm in size

*A gas or induction stove with at least 2 burners

*Adequate cooking space

Mille Rizière
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